Yesterday’s common sense goes obsolete today.
These are the most interesting times ever.
Why don’t you enjoy the ride with us?

Fullhouse is 50 years into its foundation.
Each and every member, who loves being excited
and bringing excitement to people, takes on
new challenges day after day with their
accumulated know-how’s and fresh inspiration.

To serve as the catalyst between companies
and people to create a nice chemistry in order
to find solutions to social issues.
To create news that everyone wishes to tell others,
and change the air of the world to an extremely happy one.
We aim to create a future that brings pleasure to everyone.

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Our Values

Our Values

Not just strong in TV.
TV newspapers magazines
Web social media word-of-mouth
We combine all media with means such as
events advertisements and influencers
to design topics and realize"PRs that work"

As a comprehensive PR company with the biggest advantage in TV
publicity, Fullhouse has been based in Tokyo and Osaka for 50 years,
bringing solutions to clients’ marketing agendas.
And now, our scope of work goes beyond the PR realm.
Making full use of technology, creativity, and the media, we present novel,
unique and total communications from a PR perspective.

News Topics

News Topics

Big data x too-good-to-waste fish?

"Old Enough" now on Hulu!

"Old Enough : Big Summer Adventures by Little Ones Special! 2023" on TV!

50th Anniversary!

May 22, 2023, marked the 50th anniversary of Fullhouse.

“T-Card Minna-no Ethical Food Lab”

Participate in the project of "T Card Everyone's Ethical Food Lab", a co-creative platform where everyone thinks about and takes action on food circulation that will lead to the future!

Consortium for Promoting the Attractiveness of Agriculture

On June 9, the “Consortium for Promoting the Attractiveness of Agriculture” (Nogyo no Miryoku Hasshin Consortium), which Fullhouse takes part in, held a press conference at the auditorium of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF).

Strategy Design

In order to make the PR actually work, sending out information beneficial to consumers is essential, instead of information that only serves the sender or created solely from impressions.
Our planners, with thorough PR knowledge, support the creation of the starting point of information by turning the benefits of products and services into a context that urges the consumers to lend their ears and to talk about it to others.


Verification of PR value

We analyze the information value of products and services with our original 360° view. By precisely comprehending the optimal values to turn the information into news and identifying insufficient values, we spawn the information that resonates with the consumers.

News analysis / Public information analysis

We design the optimal method and timing to send out information based on a preliminary understanding and analysis of the target’s industry, how similar information are covered in the news, and public information such as the Holiday season and Olympics.

Context design

We turn the information value derived from PR value/news tendency/public information analysis into a context that allows the creation of more topics easily acceptable by consumers. In addition, according to the need for further value enhancement, we provide a one-stop support system from scenario design to content development, with creative and novel ideas by dedicated planners and radio/TV/production writers.

Content Development

Events, mass advertising, video production, publication development…
By combining the most effective approaches to reach the target,
we create content that involves people and makes it inevitable for the mass media to cover.
Based on the context derived from a strategic design,
we develop content and present measures that do not merely generate topics but also enhance the awareness and value of the brand and the products


Event production

Fullhouse produces a wide range of events, from fashion parties and sports/cultural events to ceremonies and press conferences. Our strength is in our PR point of view, which goes beyond the implementation of the event itself to the planning and setting based on the prediction of news headlines of the following morning, the designing of press coverage environments, and the creation of video content reusable for the media.


Advertising characters, PR ambassadors, product development, guests at press events and fashion parties, panelists for lectures and editorial tie-in projects… In all situations, we have a proven record of casting everyone from widely-known actors to bloggers specializing in their fields. Our experienced professional staff will support you with complex portrait management and contract procedures.

Owned media construction

Owned media will play a very important role as the hub for all media in terms of company-user communications. Books, people, schools…we turn everything and anything into the media and present promotional plans that transgress the border between advertising and PR.

Media Relations

Media Relations

With industry-leading relationships with TV media we take pride in,
we deliberately design complex information distribution channels for newspapers, magazines, the Web, and social media.
We design the spreading of information with strategic approaches directed to all media.


TV publicity

Since the formative era of the PR market in Japan, we have established a dual-based system in Tokyo and Osaka to cover key and sub-key stations, respectively. In addition, our promoters dedicated to TV have built all-round and strong relationships with those involved in program production, such as producers, directors, writers, researchers, talent agencies, etc. Fullhouse’s significant characteristic is the ability to achieve results by bringing product/service information to exposure in a speedy and high-quality manner.

Product placement

The motorbike that the main character of a TV drama drives. The bar in the movie. The restaurant featured in a music video. The watch that the model wears in a fashion magazine. Dramatic settings of content that draw a lot of attention from the consumers allow products and services to appear in highly effective ways. Fullhouse joins forces with a group company specialized in product placement and brings your project to realization.

Editorial and article tie-ins

In mid/long-term PR strategies, we incorporate tie-in articles controllable of content and exposure timings in organic publicity articles to promote the effective spread of information. Fullhouse has the multi-media-driven knowledge and the ideas to utilize it, such as production development at key stations that are seminal in information reach, measures for newspaper-oriented sections in news programs, and propagation in social media by way of viral media.

Exposure research/analysis

Precise and speedy identification of publicity is essential to respond to consumer inquiries and design measures for distribution. Fullhouse provides a monitoring function that covers all media and a unique conversion logic that leads to the upcoming effective shot of the PR strategy.

  • Hong Kong Tourism Board: PR


  • Tokyu Malls Development Corporation / Grandberry Park: Retainer PR


  • Kawasaki City: City promotion / brand message development


  • Recruit brand: Strategic PR


  • Future Design Shibuya: Project-participatory publicity


  • Logos Corporation: Retainer PR


  • Mitsui Outlet Park: PR


  • Mercedes-Benz Japan: Year-round PR


  • Japan Air Lines (JAL): PR


  • Consortium for Promoting the Attractiveness of Agriculture (Nogyo no Miryoku Hasshin Consortium): Information Services


  • Okayama Prefecture: Monitoring surveys and promotion with influencers


  • Tottori Prefecture: TV publicity


  • “KINTOxbZ4X Showcase ~ What we can start from our familiar cars for a sustainable future ~ : Exhibition event at Haneda Airport


  • Nestlé Japan Limited: PR


  • Murasaki Sports: PR


  • CCC Marketing: Awareness-building PR of “T-Card Ethical Food Lab for Everyone”


  • Kyoto City: Strategic and extensive city PR


About Us

About Us

  • Corporate Name
  • Fullhouse Co.,Ltd.
  • Established
  • 22nd May 1973
  • Capital
  • ¥50,000,000
  • Chairman
  • Akihiro Sekiguchi
  • President
  • Etsuko Sano
  • Employees
  • 80(as of 1st March 2023)
  • Association participated
  • Public Relations Society of Japan
    Association of All Japan TV Program Production Companies (ATP)
    Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events
  • Subsidiary companies
  • F-Road Co., Ltd.
    F-Kids Co., Ltd.
    Kankyo Bisou Co., Ltd. → website
    On-Line Co., Ltd.
  • Affiliated
  • Howfull’s Co., Ltd. → website


Tokyo headquarters

  • Address
  • 1-3-6 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 107-86171-minute walk from Aoyama-itchome Station (Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Oedo Line)
  • TEL
  • 03-3405-8641
  • FAX
  • 03-3401-8085

Kansai branch office

  • Address
  • 4-4-17 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan. 541-00534-minute walk from Hommachi Station (Midosuji Line, Chuo Line, Yotsubashi Line)
  • TEL
  • 06-6243-2331
  • FAX
  • 06-6243-2987


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