September 15, 2023: What can be made from “big data x too-good-to-waste fish”?

“Products Utilizing Unused Fish Made by
‘Communities Facing Fishery Issues x Distribution Channels’” presentation event (July 5)


CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd, the company that operates T-Card, is working on a product development project that matches regions facing fishery issues of “unused fish” that are caught in the region but not circulated in the market for reasons such as “time-consuming processing” or “lack of eating culture”, with distribution companies that handle the process from the making of the product to sales.

On Wednesday, July 5, we conducted the presentation event of the developed product.
Fullhouse associates itself with “T-Card Ethical Food Lab for Everyone”, an initiative in charge of this series of activities. We have taken part in the project since 2022 and support their PR.
The presentation event saw many people from the media; we realized their high interest through their coverage on TV and various other media outlets regarding the circumstances surrounding fishery and the uniqueness of this project.

Let us explain this project a little…

The product was developed by a group of stakeholders associated with food from different standpoints, such as the producers, business owners, and distributors of the participating region, using the big data from 130 million T-Card members (*1). We also had T-Members with a high interest in ethical food represent the consumers in participating in the project.
(*1) The big data is utilized in the concept, flavor, and package development of the product.

This initiative saw the matching of “Yawatahama, Ehime Prefecture”, Shikoku region’s best fishing ground, and “Funabashi, Chiba”, the city that takes Tokyo Bay as its fishery stage, with manufacturers/distributors “Kodawariya” and “Shinanoya”. With the T-Members who incorporate ethical food practices in their lives, they utilized unused fish, namely “aigo (mottled spinefoot)” and “konoshiro (dotted gizzard shad)”, to develop two products: “Bottle Full of Aigo in Oil” (distributed by Shinanoya) and “Soft-Simmered Konoshiro” (distributed by Kodawariya).

Fishery, one of Japan’s proud primary sectors facing some of the most severe circumstances, and regions confronting fishery issues join forces with the distribution industry, where you usually shop, to explore food sustainability and create new products.

Today, it is said that 35% of the catch landings around the world are discarded due to size and some other reasons. Also, Japan’s fishery production has gone down to one-third (*2) of its peak in the 1980s. The decline in catch landings has led to the downfall of the fishermen’s incomes, which causes a serious problem of the lack of successors. In order to get out of this vicious circle of fishery, including this lack of torchbearers, and for everyone involved in fishery to become vital, it may be important not to increase the volume of fish caught but to actively consume fish that could be discarded as “unused”.
(*2) Ref. “The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022” published by The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
(*3) Ref. “White Paper On Fisheries” (FY 2018 / FY 2020)

For more information, go to the following websites (Japanese language only):

August 1, 2023: “ Old Enough !
(Hajimete no Otsukai)” now on Hulu!


“Old Enough ! : Big Summer Adventures by Little Ones Special! 2023” (Hajimete no Otsukai: Natsu no Chiisana Daibouken Special! 2023)”, originally aired on Monday, July 17, is now available on Hulu!
The summer special, when originally aired the other day, created a huge buzz and enjoyed high acclaim from many people.
Those who missed it last time, and those who wish to see it again, go on to Hulu!
*” Old Enough ! : New Year Special” (Haijmete no Otsukai: Shinshun Special) is also available on Hulu.

July 5, 2023: “Old Enough ! : Big Summer Adventures by Little Ones Special! 2023” on TV!


Monday, July 17, 2023 / 19:00-22:00
“Old Enough ! : Big Summer Adventures by Little Ones Special! 2023” (Hajimete no Otsukai: Natsu no Chiisana Daibouken Special! 2023), produced by Fullhouse’s group company F-Road Co.,Ltd., will hit the air.
Program hosts are your familiar George Tokoro and Hiroko Moriguchi.
With guests Tetsuya Takeda, Shingo Fujimori, Haruka Ayase, Shizuka Arakawa, and Chinatsu Wakatsuki in the studio, the three-hour special will offer laughs, tears, and butterflies. Don’t miss it!

May 22, 2023: 50th Anniversary!


May 22, 2023, marked the 50th anniversary of Fullhouse. To celebrate the milestone, we held a talk show featuring co-founder Mr. Masatoyo Sugawara (now Chairman & CEO of HowFull’s Inc.) and our Chairman Akihiro Sekiguchi to take a look back at our 50-year history.

Fullhouse will keep on running towards the next 50 years!

February 8, 2023: “T-Card Minna-no Ethical
Food Lab”


Fullhouse takes part in the “T-Card Ethical
Food Lab for Everyone” project!

“Ethical consumption”, the term we hear often these days, means choosing products that show consideration for the environment, people, society, and animals. In the era where “being ethical or not” is one of the determining factors of shopping, the more ethical-conscious people there are, the more the impact on society and Earth.

The “T-Card Ethical Food Lab for Everyone” (T-Card Minna-no Ethical Food Lab) project (organized by CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd.) was launched in March 2021, based on the idea that in this changing society, if each consumer chooses ethical food in their daily meals and shopping that fit each of their lives, and think little by little about it, such actions will lead to the realization of “sustainable food” in due course.

It is a co-creation platform where everyone involved in food – such as sustainability/food experts, producers, processing/distribution/retail business owners, restaurant owners, and the T-Members that account for one in two citizens in Japan think and implement ethical food actions that lead to “sustainable food” through numerous conversations.

At “T-Card Ethical Food Lab for Everyone”, we first addressed the current situation where people cannot identify ethical food, and set its criteria through discussions with experts and companies. In the future, we plan to launch a tool which, when T-Members purchase products that fulfill the ethical food standards in their daily shopping activities, award them the “ethical food action scores” which visualize their ethical food consumption and raise their appetite to purchase ethical foods.
In addition, we send out various information to bring enlightenment to “ethical food”.

“Hello, Ethical: A Pizza Place That Changes
The Future”

Mirai ga Kawaru Pizza-ya-san) at “CRAZY PIZZA SQUARE” for the media to get acquainted with ethical food. We provided eight types of special pizza created by Mr. Masakazu Taira, chef of “Don Bravo” and “CRAZY PIZZA” both of which attract fans from all over Japan, and Mr. Kan Morieda, an up-and-coming food producer/chef who is involved in the setting of the “ethical food” criteria. Pizza uses various ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and fish as toppings; it is the kind of food familiar to all sorts of people and easy to eat. We took advantage of this characteristic of pizza and designed the experiential event where participants could learn through eating pizza that “anyone can take ethical actions”. At the event, we provided each piece of pizza in a box; when you opened the box, you could find out what kind of future in food the chosen pizza led to. We received favorable reviews from the media people who had participated in the event, saying that it was an opportunity to learn through experiencing what “ethical food” was all about.

“Hello, Ethical!: Thinking of Earth through Shopping”

For one month starting from “World Food Day”, October 16, 2022, we operated a limited-time ethical food specialty store, “Hello, Ethical!: Thinking of Earth through Shopping” (Hello, Ethical!: Okaimono kara Chikyu wo Kangaeru) where ethical coffee and chocolate products gather. The chocolates and coffees that hit the shelves were all delicious and, at the same time, met the “ethical food criteria”. We also exhibited how each product meets the “ethical food criteria” in what way and how the participating companies address social issues. We validated the evidence of how the consumers’ attitudes and purchasing practices changed when ethical foods were presented with information and background stories, and looked into the hints to create an ethical food market.

Fullhouse will continue to send out information as part of the “T-Card Ethical Food Lab for Everyone” project from the communication standpoint, to promote ethical food actions in the society through recognizing the presence of “ethical food” and the social issues behind.

★For more details on “T-Card Ethical Food Lab for Everyone”, go to the following websites (Japanese language only):

August 8, 2022: Consortium for Promoting
the Attractiveness of Agriculture


On June 9, the “Consortium for Promoting
the Attractiveness of Agriculture” (Nogyo no Miryoku Hasshin Consortium), which Fullhouse takes part in, held a press conference at the auditorium of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF).

The “Consortium for Promoting the Attractiveness of Agriculture” was established in February 2022 through the leverage of a subsidiary project by MAFF named “Agricultural Attractiveness Promotion Project”. It is a conglomerate of companies with a shared agenda that it is important to promote the “attractiveness of agriculture as a vocation” to youngsters who have never been involved in agriculture, through real agriculturists’ presences.

At the press conference, our president Etsuko Sano made a greeting speech; it was announced that Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. and ANA Akindo Co., Ltd. joined the seven companies (namely Otetsutabi [a Web-based matching service of part-time agricultural jobs and traveling], Vivid Garden Inc. [operating company of producers’ direct online vendor website “Tabechoku”], Daiichi Progress Inc. [publisher of relocation magazine “Turns”], Mynavi Corporation [operating company of websites such as “Mynavi Students’ Gateway (Mynavi Gakusei no Madoguchi)” and “Mynavi Agriculture (Mynavi Nogyo)”], Myfarm Inc. [operating company of agricultural school “Agri-Innovation College”], Yuime Inc. [operating company of “YUIME Japan”, a platform for the solution of issues in primary sector], and Fullhouse). In addition, the event saw the announcement of “100 Agriculturist Role Models” that youngsters adore and aim to become, and a talk show of three agriculturist role models..

As a PR company, Fullhouse updates the conventional social images of agriculture such as “very few days off” or “unprofitable”, by sending out information through the media to the society, of “agriculturist role models” who do agriculture for a living and achieve economic success and those who lead ideal lifestyles.
We will continue to create “triggers” for as many youngsters as possible to become interested in “agriculture as a vocation”.

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